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reappointment as Minister for Industry, Science and Technology

I am incredibly honoured to have been reappointed as Australia’s Minister for Industry, Science and Technology under Prime Minister Scott Morrison. As a mechanical engineer before my time in Parliament, I am delighted to continue in this portfolio, and build on the Liberal National Government’s achievements since 2013,... read more »

TRANSCRIPT Doorstop – Interview with Steve Stuttle, 4CRB

Topics: 2019 Federal Election result E&OE:   Steve Stuttle: And a very good morning to you on 4CRB. It is talkback time and we are joined in the studio by the federal member for McPherson, returning federal member for McPherson, Karen Andrews. Thanks for joining us Karen. Karen Andrews: It's a pleasure Steve Stuttl... read more »

TRANSCRIPT- Interview – Rebecca Levingston, ABC Brisbane

Topics: 2019 Federal Election result, climate science.E&OE:Rebecca Levingston: Let's go to someone who, well, I don't know if she prayed for it, but it was certainly the results that she wanted. Karen Andrews is the Minister for Industry Science and Technology. Minister, Good morning. Karen Andrews: Good morning. R... read more »

TRANSCRIPT - Interview – Breakfast with Bern Young, ABC Gold Coast

Topics: 2019 Federal election resultE&OE:Bern Young: Well, she didn't need a miracle; I think would have been quite the miracle if you hadn't won your seat quite frankly. Karen Andrews, the Member for McPherson and has been Minister of course for Industry Science and Technology sliding into the studio on a busy Monday m... read more »

TRANSCRIPT- Doorstop – Surfers Paradise

Topics: 2019 Federal Election resultSpeakers: Minister Andrews, Assistant Treasurer Stuart Robert, Member for Forde Bert van Manen and incoming member for Moncrieff Angie Bell. E&OE: Karen Andrews: Last night, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said, "How good is Queensland?" Today I'm saying, "How good is the Gold Coast?"Stuart ... read more »
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