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TRANSCRIPT Interview – ABC Sydney Breakfast with Wendy Harmer and Robbie Buck

Topics: Science Week, women in STEM careers, STEM education in schoolsE&OERobbie Buck: Well, this Science Week, the Federal Science Minister is using the week to encourage parents to do more to help and to encourage your kids to give science and tech subjects a go.Karen Andrews is the MP for the southern Queensland seat of McPherson. She entere... read more »

Delivering a fair and competitive car retailing sector

The Morrison Government will reform the new car retailing sector, to make the system fairer for consumers, dealers and manufacturers.  Minister for Industry, Science and Technology Karen Andrews said a range of reforms to automotive franchising arrangements will be considered, after a recent public consultation. “We have heard the co... read more »

TRANSCRIPT DOORSTOP - Downer Rosehill Processing Facility

EO&E…PRIME MINISTER: Good morning everyone, it’s great to be here with Minister Karen Andrews and it’s also great to be here with Peter Schmigel from the Australian Council of Recycling. It’s great to be here at the Downer site which is doing something absolutely amazing about Australia’s future. What I am holding here is asphalt and 83 pe... read more »

TRANSCRIPT Interview – RN Breakfast with Patricia Karvelas

Topics: Plastic recycling industry, Cooperative Research Centres Projects, Pacific Islands ForumE&OEPatricia Karvelas:   A federal deal with states and territories to work towards banning the export of recyclable waste was the key achievement of last week’s Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting, that COAG meeting on the Friday. But... read more »

TRANSCRIPT Interview – Channel 7 Sunrise

Topics: Plastic recycling industry, Cooperative Research Centres Projects E&OEDavid Koch: $20 million is set to be spent improving our recycling industry. The Government will announce the funding today after state and territory leaders agreed to banning the export of waste at last week’s COAG meeting. Would you believe we generate 103 kilo... read more »
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