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Constituency Statement: Gold Coast Disabled Surfers Association

I have spoken often in this chamber about the wonderful natural attractions in my electorate of McPherson on the southern Gold Coast, with not the least of those including our world-famous beaches. With the weather now warming up as we move into spring, the big crowds are returning to spend a day at the beach. Today, I would like to acknowledge the work of an organisation that makes sure everyone gets the chance to enjoy our beautiful beaches and a day in the surf, regardless of their circumstances.

The Gold Coast Disabled Surfers Association was established in 2004 to support individuals and families to give them the sort of day out the rest of us may take for granted. Physical and intellectual disabilities and mental illness often make it difficult for people to venture into the water. Sadly, some families with people with a disability find it difficult to get to the beach because of the special assistance their loved one needs in the water. But the Disabled Surfers Association is there to help. The Disabled Surfers Association was formed because no-one who wants to have a day at the beach should be excluded from doing so because of a disability.

This Sunday, 22 October, the association is hosting its first Let's Go Surfing Day of the season on the Gold Coast at Flat Rock Beach in Currumbin. Like many organisations doing things in our communities, the Disabled Surfers Association relies very much on volunteers to provide the people and equipment needed to provide this service.

I have personally had the pleasure of spending some time joining them on a day out, with a couple of young friends of mine, and I would like to acknowledge them here today. My two special friends are Ernie and Terrents. I am pretty sure that Ernie will be at the beach this Sunday, and I am hoping to catch up with Terrents as well while they are there. The look of enjoyment on their faces as they enjoy a rare day at the beach is absolutely priceless.

I congratulate the Disabled Surfers Association for all that they do to help those who need assistance in the water and the families of those people. I commend and thank them for that work they do, because it is extremely important.
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