Reappointment as Minister for Industry, Science and Technology

am incredibly honoured to have been reappointed as Australia’s Minister for Industry, Science and Technology under Prime Minister Scott Morrison. 

As a mechanical engineer before my time in Parliament, I am delighted to continue in this portfolio, and build on the Liberal National Government’s achievements since 2013, including the National Innovation and Science Agenda, which I worked on during my time as Assistant Minister for Science. 

will continue to work to strengthen Australian industries so they can drive our nation’s economic growth and create more jobs, and I will ensure this country’s science and technology sectors continue to thrive and position Australia at the forefront of new developments in these fields.

Australia’s technology sector will open new industries and assist traditional industries to move forward and I look forward to collaborating with businesses and start ups.

am pleased to continue to propel Australia’s space sector into the future after we established the Australian Space Agency in 2017.

The Liberal National Government recognises the value of science to Australia’s future jobs and prosperity and we have demonstrated this through our investment into our science agencies - like CSIRO, AIMS, and ANSTO - and the innovative work they do.

am particularly delighted to continue to assist girls and women to chase their dreams in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) - to level gender inequity and ensure there is greater female representation in STEM studies and careers.

Lastly I would like to again thank the people of McPherson for re-electing me as their local representative for the southern Gold Coast.

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